Hammer Drill on Concrete

Proper Way To Use The Hammer Drill On Concrete

Is it possible to drill concrete with a regular hammer drill? Of course, it is possible! Some people may think that you can’t drill on concrete with a regular hammer drill but believe me its total misconception.

With proper skill and techniques, you can drill on concrete with your regular hammer drill. No way! You don’t have to pick any special hammer drill for that! Let’s see some effective tips about how you can use a regular hammer drill for concrete.

Required accessories

Preparation Work

At first, you have to mark the particular position of the holes on the concrete with the pencil. Check the position of the marks very carefully. determine how much deeper you want to drill. If the hammer drill has stop bar included, set it on the exact depth position.

If the drill doesn’t have any stop bar you can use a masking tape on the certain position of the hammer drill bits where you need to stop.

Ensure Safety

After that, you have to wear the safety kits. I guess only a good goggle is enough for that. You can also wear gloves if you can’t comfortable without those. Insert the appropriate masonry drill bit into the hammer drill.

Body Position

Take the position and place your feet firmly on the ground. Keep your shoulder width apart. Keep calm. Hold the drill perfectly with both of your hands. You should hold it like a hand Gun.

Process: Now place your hammer drill on the mark you made before and drill a pilot hole. While making a pilot hole you should keep the speed lower.

The pilot hole means a shallow hole that will help to make the real hole. However, you should continue drilling with more power in the pilot hole for the main hole. After making the hole bring the drill back in a decent manner. 

Clean the Area

After drilling each hole blow all the concrete dust out of the sight. You can use a compressed air vacuum for that. However, don’t remove the goggle throughout your drilling season. It is extremely important. 


If you are a first-timer, you may ruin the area. It is possible. At first people, cant follow everything properly. So, I suggest you practice before you use in the particular area. I am sure you can manage something for practicing.

However, the hammer drill is a dangerous tool. While working with it always stay focused. Otherwise, you can experience any sudden accident. Also wear safety goggles, While working with it always stay focused.

Otherwise, you can experience any sudden accident. Also wear safety goggles, gloves, and other safety kits. Safety is the utmost concern for everyone. That’s all for today. Stay connected for much more.

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