Hammer Drill VS Regular Drill

Hammer Drill VS Regular Drill

Both the Hammer drill and Regular drill is handy tools in our day to day life. Both the two comes with the purpose of drilling. The outlook of those two is also quite similar as well. Yet those are not just the same tools. So, the question is what the differences between a hammer drill and regular drill are?

Hammer drill is used for hammering and drilling where regular drills are used for drilling only. There are some other differences available between this two. Let’s get straight to the point. 

Hammer Drill

A hammer drill is a versatile tool that offers speedy and short successive hits. It is appropriate for drilling through rough materials like masonry or concrete. It completes the drilling task faster in comparison to a regular drill. Like regular drills, it also works with a drill bit. The bit doesn’t move that much. But as it constantly blows so the drilling job completes faster.

Hammer drill is actually a type of regular drill. However, you can find a variety of options while going for a hammer drill. First and the most popular hammer drill type is rotary hammer drill. If you need to drill through a lot of masonry surface rotary is the most appropriate type. Therefore, you can also choose between corded and cordless models.

Regular Drill

The regular drill actually doesn’t have hammering facility. It is only designed for drilling. It offers a constant torque to the materials for drilling through. it is compatible with a variety of bits. But the problem is it is not that suitable for drilling through very tough materials.

With a regular drill, you can adjust the torque according to your need as it featured with slip clutch. However, it is used for regular hole drilling activities in different surfaces like wood, tiles and so on. Usually, a regular drill is a handy tool both in woodworking tools shops and home.

There are a variety of types available in the regular drills as like hammer drills. You can pick electric power drills that are powerful and easy to operate. Therefore, you can also use manually operated drills which requires much human effort. Also, there is a compressed air drill and internal combustion engine drills available in the market for some certain jobs.

Which Drill Should I purchase?

Let me remind you, A hammer drill can do the job of regular drills quite well. But a regular drill doesn’t offer hammering option. Almost all of the hammer drill features a button for hammering. You can simply press the button and hammer whenever needed. So, my personal opinion is to go for a hammer drill rather for a regular drill. Why waste so much money while one product can do all?


A regular drill just spins without any versatility. It is designed only for drilling task. Regular Drill relies on high RPM and the force of the user’s arm with a sharp bit. If you want to operate a regular drill, it is up to you. But you have to put more effort that’s the point.

Where hammer drills are versatile. A hammer drill can do regular drilling as well. You can purchase both the product or you can only go with a hammer drill. The choice is yours.

However, both of this two is a power tool. So, it is quite dangerous as well. while working with any of those be careful. We will meet again soon with lots of other effective tips and tricks. Till then:

Be Happy!  

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