Best Voltage Tester Reviews and Guide

Often we need to do little electrical work at home. For little jobs like changing the switch or install a light, we don’t call experts. An especially DIY person tries to cover everything by themselves.

If you frequently do electrical work, a voltage tester is one of the essential tools you need in your toolbox. It is a tool that makes a difference between life and death.

Today we are here to discuss the best voltage tester of the present time. Stay connected for a wise deal as we are going to share some buying tips as well.

A non- contact voltage tester determines whether the cable is conducting voltage or not. For that, this tool uses magnetic sensor. You have to place it against the wire and push the button. If it lights up, then there is electricity in the wire.

There is a variety of voltage tester available in the market. Among those which is the best non-contact voltage tester? Tough competition! What exactly the factor you should watch while purchasing a voltage tester?

The design, construction quality, eases of use, price and so on. Let’s see the factors before the review so that you can judge wisely.


Best Voltage Tester 2018: How We Choose

It isn’t that easy to make a list of finest voltage tester from the humongous options. Entire team put a great effort for this task. We visited the local market and test hundreds of voltage tester by ourselves. After that, we talked with some professional electrician for their opinion.

We also read thousand of customer reviews on the Amazon. So, they list we make isn’t anything random. Let’s see the best voltage tester reviews quickly. I hope you will get the most effective one for the money.

Multimeter, Exwell Digital Multimeter with Two Sets Multimeter Test Leads

Multimeter, Exwell Digital Multimeter with Two Sets Multimeter Test Leads

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Exwell Digital LCD Auto Ranging Multimeter is our first pick because of various reasons. First of all, it is a versatile tester that is suitable for a variety of tests like resistance, diodes, transistors, capacitance, and continuity.

The construction quality is amazing with highest quality materials. The price is also quite reasonable. Let’s see the elaborate specification of this voltage tester.


The construction quality of this product is amazing with highest quality materials. It will last a lifetime if you care properly. The tester comes with a user-friendly design with a very lightweight. It is suitable for carrying and storing in the toolbox.


This Tester has a huge ability. It can withstand between 0 to 40-degree temperatures. Therefore, the maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground of 100VDC/700VAC. Also, it offers fuse protection of F200mA/250volt.


The Voltage tester is quite functional. It offers lots of signals such as polarity, over a range, low battery, sampling rate and an automatic zero return. Therefore, it also has a 3.5-inch screen with optional backlit that has a range of 1999 digit readout.


It comes with a 9V battery that will severe a long time. Also, it comes with a little screwdriver that will you to change the battery with ease. Overall, it is a good product in such range. Even for some electricians, it is one of the best voltage testers of the present time.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter

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Are you looking for the best voltage tester for electricians? This is the choice you need to make. The AstroAI Digital Multimeter is a complete solution for all the voltage testing need.

It is specially designed for the professionals, but home users can also use this product. Let’s see the details specification of this one.


The construction quality of this tester is amazing. It is a product for the long run. Besides, the product is not that weighty. The electricians can carry it from one place to another without any problem. However, the design of the tester is entirely different from traditional models. The grip is around the edge of the multimeter with a kickstand on the back. So, you don’t have to hold the entire time.


It is a versatile option that can do a variety of tasks with ease. It is suitable for home use and for the professionals. You can measure current, voltage and resistance as well as continuity, transistor, and diode testing. It can also be used for diagnosing, assemble and repair circuitry and wiring.


It is also a functional voltage tester. It has a hold button that is pretty useful for accurate measurement.  It has sampling speed 2 times per minute. Besides, it will show you the indication for low battery.


For the price, it is one of the best voltage testers. It can serve you a long period of time without any hassle. Besides, if you are doing professional level work, it is the true example of perfection. Pick it before the stock turns out.

Tacklife VT01 Classic Non-Contact Voltage Tester Dual Range 12V-1000V/48V-1000V

Tacklife VT01 Classic Non-Contact Voltage Tester Dual Range

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In the third position of our best voltage taster article, we enlisted Tacklife VT01 Classic Non-Contact Voltage Tester! It is superb with an outstanding and user-friendly design.

Besides, it is made of thick and strong plastic materials. So, this item will last surely. Therefore, it runs with powerful battery for longevity. The price is also reasonable. Let’s see the details feature.


It comes with a user-friendly design with a very lightweight. The user can hold and operate with ease. Besides, it is extremely portable so that you can carry it easily. It is constructed with thick plastic materials for the long run.


It is a functional voltage tester with ease of operation. It will produce a beep sound and LED indicator for voltage frequency. The beep sound is loud enough so that the user can easily hear. Therefore, it also has low battery indicator included


It has a huge ability. Yes, indeed. As the tester has the sensitivity adjustment facility included so you can select 12-1000V AC or 48-1000V Ac according to your need. It runs with 1.5V AAA batteries that will also give a massive working hour.


For the price, it is one of the best voltage testers today. The construction quality of the product is pretty amazing. Besides, it is suitable for both home and industrial use. Pick the voltage tester immediately, or the stock will turn out soon.

LIMITED TIME SALE Voltage Tester Pen Non-Contact with LED Flashlight – 12V to 1000V Dual Range for Broad Application

LIMITED TIME SALE Voltage Tester Pen Non-Contact with LED Flashlight

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The Epsilont Limited Time Voltage Tester is another cost-efficient option in our best voltage tester article. The price is way more inexpensive than many other standard voltage testers, but the standard is mind-blowing.

However, it has the ability to test voltage from 12 to 1000V with dual range facility. Let’s see the details of this voltage tester immediately.


The Epsilont Limited Time Voltage Tester comes with a user friendly design. It is constructed with high grade plastic for a long lasting durability. Actually it is designed with polycarbonate plastic resin that ensures compact construction and easy storing.


The ability of this voltage tester is superb as well. It can detect AC Voltage ranging from 12 volt to 1000 volt. Therefore, you can distinguish those into 3 voltage levels. The ability is enough for both professional and home use.


Another most amazing feature of this voltage tester is its safety feature. It is professionally designed for the security of the user. This tool will detect the electricity that is running through the wire without the need of touching.


Overall, it is surely one of the finest tester option for the professionals and home owners. It detects the electricity accurately also it last a long time. So, you should pick it immediately or the stock will run out. Hurry up!

Best Voltage Tester Buying Guide

Some certain standard feature you must take into consideration while purchasing a non-contact voltage tester. Not all the option in the market is good. And as it could save your life so you can’t pick one randomly. Let’s see some basic but essential factor you should look on a voltage tester.

Look the Design

Usually, voltage tasters come with a compact and tiny design so that the user can carry it in their pocket. Those are actually designed for high portability and easy user operation. The taster you are looking to purchase must have a user-friendly design.


A tester isn’t something you will purchase now and often. Rather people want to purchase a tester that serves for long. So, the construction quality is another important factor to consider. Most of the voltage tester is made of plastic materials. The plastic must be thick and durable. The tip that attracted with the tester must be tight and strong.

Look for the Functionality

How the device functions is another essential factor to consider. However, most of the voltage tester is simple to use with a power button. You should not pick tools one that is complicated to use. Nobody wants any complicacy from a voltage tester.

Check the range and compatibility

The range and compatibility is another vital consideration. However, a voltage tester usually works with AC electrical system. Most of the standard voltage tester has the ability to detect voltage in 90 to 1000 volt. It is fairly enough for home and professional use. So, check the compatibility and range before the purchase.

Consider Indication System

Most of the voltage tester provides a signal with LED glow. If the LED glows while in contact with the surface that means the surface has available voltage. However, some of the voltage testers also feature additional buzzer as a sign of available voltage. While purchasing a voltage tester try to grab one that has two or more indicator available. One of the indicators can get damage anytime.

Battery Power

No matter whether it is a general or best voltage tester it works on battery. So, you should consider this factor carefully as well. However, some of those testers contain tiny watch batteries were some other works on AAA battery. It is your preference to choose the tester according to your need.


Budget is one of the most important factors in every purchase. But let me tell that the price of the best voltage tester isn’t that much. Though the price varies according to the functionality, you can find a good option less than 30 dollar that’s for sure.

Why should one purchase a Voltage Tester?

For electricians and DIY person, it is a life-saving device. It can detect voltage and provides the sign of electricity. You can detect the faulty part of the circuit immediately and make changes safely. Every home must have a good quality voltage tester for little electric activities.

How does a voltage tester work?

There is a sensor inside the tester that creates a magnetic field around the object. If there is electricity the LED light of the tester will turn on. The sensors of the tester are well calibrated that can even indicate voltage buried under several layers.

Is it necessary to keep a voltage tester at home?

If you are not an electrician, you can think that it is not anything necessary for me. But you are wrong. Everyone should keep a tester in their toolbox. You may need to change switches or fix wires.

For those little works will you call a professional? I guess no! Rather you will try to fix by yourself. That’s the reason you need a voltage tester.  And if you are professional electrician it is a must-have. Even a professional electrician should keep two voltage testers with him.

Does a Voltage Tester cost much?

Not at all. The price of a voltage tester varies according to the functionality. However, for better quality tester you have to spend a few more. But not that much. The best voltage tester can be found under 30 dollars. 


Wrap Up

If you are a professional electrician, you know how important a non-contact voltage tester is! Don’t compromise a bit while purchasing a voltage taster! A bad voltage tester can lead you to death! It is a lifesaver tool without any doubt. That’s why after immense research we enlisted some of the best voltage testers of the present time. We also talked about some buying tips. The ball is now on your side.

You may not like our list. In that case purchase from a source that is reliable. However, the high price won’t give you the service guarantee. All you have to do is pick the right one. But there are some dishonest manufacturers who will try to convince you with low price range. Don’t step into those traps and end up with trash.

We are wrapping up now. See you soon with lots of other effective product reviews and practical tips. Till than:

Stay safe!!!

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