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Best Saw Horses Buying Guide With Reviews

If you are a Do-It-Yourself person, a carpenter, or a contractor who is likely to work with lumbers a lot, you will need a plain and stable platform to carry out your saw works.

Many people may opt for simple tables for this kind of work, but those are bigger in size and thus need lots of space to be set. That is a big challenge for those who work under the sun a lot. To solve these problems, saw horses were made. They are easy to set up and use.

What is a saw horse?

A saw horse is basically a four-legged accessory that gives space to place your lumber or board for sawing. Imagine it as a table without the top. Actually your lumber will make the top which makes it easy to cut it into desired sizes and pieces.

It also helps you in great other ways like the adjustable design. You can adjust these best saw horses according to your own height and comfort.

What use of it to me?

As stated earlier, if you choose to do some wooden work on yourself you will need the lumber to be sawed exactly as you need. As lumbers do not come in your desired sizes, you may need to cut it into your own needed size(s). What will you need to do that?

A saw of course. But how will you saw the lumbers? If your answer is by placing them on a plain surface well, that’s going to cause many problems for you. Because you will need another person to hold it off in place so that you can saw it neatly.

Moreover, there is always the risk of slipping and accidents as a result. So why take all the chances? If you choose to use a saw horse instead, you won’t need any other person to hold the board. You can place them on the saw horse and cut them according to your need.

And if you need to saw a lean piece of lumber, there is a clamping system to do that too. Those clamps hold you lumber in the exact place while you the best cutting saw it. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

What to see before buying a saw horse?

That, my friend, is a very good question. You see there are lots of models and designs in the market to choose from and each one of them is claiming that they are the best. But are they? The answer to that is both no and yes.

Wondering how the answer can be a ‘yes’? It depends on your need. Let’s say you have to work with bigger boards. Then presumably you will need a heavy saw horse with tough build materials.

On the contrary, light works can be done on lightweight yet sturdy saw horses. What is the difference between these two? Longevity, I suppose. But that won’t be much of a problem because a hobbyist has less works than a professional and the saw horse is used accordingly.

But there are some features to look for when buying a saw horse from the market and I am putting it all here:

Size and dimension

People are not only different by nature but also by height. Some are short, some are tall, and some are somewhere in between. So before buying any saw horse check the height of the accessory well.

If it is too tall, you can’t reach it easily and if it is too short, you will have to bend over to do your work which will certainly cause a back pain and joint pain in near future.

The dimension of its work surface should be checked well too. If you need to saw large and heavy pieces of woods very often, a small surfaced saw horse will frustrate you. So be sure of your needs and choose accordingly.

Build materials

While in use, the saw horses have to undergo a lot of stress. So having a closer look at the build materials is a must before buying one of them. If they are not build with steel or aluminum, it can’t endure the stress for a long time.

And that will hamper the longevity of the saw horse which will in turn be proved as a bad investment. And you sure don’t want to incur a loss. So always keep a close eye on the material saw horses are made of.


Many people at present choose to work in an open area rather than garages or any other closed places. For this the demand of lightweight models are on the increase. So always check the weight of your saw horse.

If it is too heavy, you won’t be able to move it from one place to another freely. The best one to choose is one with foldable frame. That enables you to carry and store your saw horse anywhere with ease.

Weight capacity

Bigger saw horses have heavy weight capacity. And smaller saw horses have the opposite. Is buying the heavy ones is always a right decision? NO.

Because bigger ones are highly expensive. And if you are just a hobbyist, buying one with that much price will be a bad decision.

What you should do in this regard is that you should fix your need first and then buy one according to your need.

For instance, if you are a professional, go for the bigger and heavy-duty models. And if you are just a DIY person, choose the ones that suits your need best.

Ease of use

This is the feature that makes a saw horse the best saw horse to buy. Ease in assembling, non-slippery feet, and ideal height make saw horses worthy of buying. If the base slips often, it becomes too unsafe to use.

Easy assembling option will save your work time at every project, increasing the overall productivity.

And the right height will make you comfortable to work with a saw horse. If you keep these points in mind, you can pick the right one from the pool of choices.

Which one to choose?

This is yet another important question after all the information you have gathered. If you are looking to purchase the best saw horses for yourself, we are giving a list here to have a sneak peek. We have prepared these suggestions by watching hundreds of reviews online.

But depending only on those wouldn’t be enough because there are always paid positive reviews. So we went a step further and used some of the models available in the market. And here’s what we have found out:

All Steel Folding Sawhorse – Pair Portamate PM-3300T. TWO 33-Inch Tall Fold-up Heavy Duty Saw Horses.

Best Saw Horses

More photo & price on

If you are looking for some heavy duty saw horse that would best serve your purpose, this pair of best saw horses will be a good choice for you.

The work surface is solid and stable that helps you to do good and accurate work. This rugged all steel saw horses are durable to handle the heaviest jobs.

It has a total weight capacity of 1000 pounds. There is a powder coated finish to the steel to make it rust resistant. It comes preassembled so that you can start using it right after pulling it out of the box.

It has 1-1/4 inch heavy gauge tubular legs that use a quick lock pin which are spring loaded to hold the sawhorse in the upright position securely.

Moreover it has 33 inch work heights to be adjusted with your preferred height. The top measures 36 inches long and 3-1/2 inches wide with folding legs to enable you to carry and store it easily. The tops are pre drilled to accept a 2X4 and 2X6 wood cutting surface.

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps

More photo & price on

If you are a hobbyist or a new home owner and you don’t mind making some sweat by doing the wooden works on your own, this clamping saw horse from Worx can be your good friend.

It is made of thermoplastic polymer material to make it lightweight and durable at the same time.

And what amazes me the most is its compact design. As named, it comes with two independent clamps to be used either vertically or horizontally. With that you can work on your board or wood from every angle.

There is yet another feature that attracts me. It has a space between its legs to put the tools while working. So you will get all the things you need at hand without any hassle. It also features a two inch wide indentation on top to hold the boards’ sides upright.

The built in shelf and the cord hooks are ideal for storing tools, cords, and other materials. A DIY enthusiast can ask for nothing more than this clamping saw horse.

Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)

Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse

More photo & price on

This folding saw horse from Stanley has made to the list of best saw horses for a couple of reasons. To start off, it has a 31 inch height to make you comfortable during work.

It is made of thermoplastic which makes it easy to carry outdoors and has a collapsible feature that enables you to fold it and store anywhere. It may look really sleek to you but it can hold a weight of 1000 pounds when used as a pair.

And there is a strong tray connection between the legs that prevents it from being squeezed when under stress.

The built in v-shaped grooves help you to hold the wood piece in place and there is a ruler with rubber points to help you with load stability.

Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy 34-Inch Folding Sawhorse

Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy 34-Inch Folding Sawhorse

More photo & price on

Ah, now this one is pretty interesting. Till now I have provided the ready-to-use saw horses but this is one is not the exact same type like the previous models. But it has an added benefit.

You know why? Because these are just legs and you can attach these to anything you want. And that charmed me the most.

This is basically an all-purpose leg set. The legs are built with rigged tubular steel with a 1-1/4 inch diameter.

The powder coat finish prevents it from get rust soon and the non-slip, no scratching rubber caps establish these legs anywhere firmly. With a 2 by any length wood piece, you can build the perfect sawhorse for yourself.

Goplus 2 Pack Heavy Duty Sawhorse Steel Folding Legs Portable Saw Horse Pair

Goplus 2 Pack Heavy Duty Sawhorse

More photo & price on

This 2 pack heavy duty saw horse from Goplus is convenient to use and store. If you are looking for a lightweight saw horse with some hobby works to be done, you can choose this model.

Each of the saw horses can endure the weight of 250 pounds. The folding feature also helps you to store it away easily.

DEWALT DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand

DEWALT DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand

More photo & price on

Dewalt is a trusted name in the tools industry. The 15.4 pounds aluminum construction can take the weight up to 1000 pound per miter saw stand.

The compact design is ideal for easy transport and storage and the leg lock levers help it to hold in the right place.

350 Lb. Capacity Sawhorses, 2 Piece Set

350 Lb. Capacity Sawhorses

More photo & price on

These 350 pounds capacity saw horses manufactured by Max Value weigh less than 4 pounds each. Imagine how light it is to carry at hand.

The injection molded PVC build material makes it impermeable to rust in its lifetime. It is just perfect or hobbyists and project makers.

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse 

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

More photo & price on

This is not a conventional saw horse but this compact work table can give you an ultimate experience while sawing and other woodworks. You can use this versatile work table in two different modes – the table mode and the sawhorse mode.

This one is best for bigger and larger pieces of woods and boards. Just think of it as a work table with all the features of a saw horse from Worx.


Last words

So we see that finding out you need is the first priority of you before buying a saw horse. Once you are sure, you can go for different models depending on your budget. 

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