Best Electric Stapler 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Electric Stapler 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

I guess only the indigenous people of Amazon Rainforest don’t know what Stapler is! Rest of the world is familiar with this little tool. Especially students are bound to this little kit! A stapler is everyday essential for documentation.

It is necessary for educational institutions, offices, home or even in the store. The stapling idea has been changed in recent years. A stapler is now modern and super simple to operate with the electric facility.

Today we are here to review a couple of best electric stapler of the present time. I hope you will enjoy the journey with us.

Electric staplers are heavy duty. A good electric stapler can drive a staple over 70 sheets at a time. Therefore, like a manual stapler, you don’t have to provide any force. In the office, lots of stapling are a common issue.

For that, there are some electric staplers available with special cartridges. Also, for home use, there are some effective options available in the market.

We tried to cover up everything. Just read through. I hope you will find the one you are looking for.

There are some certain factor one need to look before purchasing an electric stapler. The stapler must be well-built for a long lifespan. Also, it must be handy tools and effective for your job type.

Let’s see which factors you need to take into your consideration.

Electric staplers are available in two different kinds. One is familiar with the name cartridge staplers, and another one is known as standard staplers.

Cartridge staplers contain special cartridges of staples. This type is ideal for continuous heavy-duty purposes. I mean for office work or use in an educational institution.

If you have a high volume of stapling work, a cartridge stapler might be the ideal. Some of the cartridges even contain 5000 staples!

Standard Staplers are similar to manual staplers. For personal use this type is preferable.

Some models will let your work in electric connection or with manual operation. Those have both the facility included. If you need to do the complicated stapling task, you should look for those type.

So, it depends on your purpose. If you need a stapler for heavy use looks for cartridge type, otherwise standard electric staplers are enough.

Look for Durability

Look for a model that is perfectly constructed with premium quality materials. All of the best electric staplers in our list is made of premium quality materials.

However, nobody wants to purchase a stapler that will damage after some use. It is better to pick a product from a well-known brand. If you have to spend a few more for that, don’t hesitate.

Good Brands

I always suggest my readers purchase from a well-known brand. I actually don’t believe those nameless products. They are not in the industry for years, and they will not stay.

In the meantime, they just want to grab profit as much as possible. They don’t need the satisfaction of the customers.

Where recognized brands don’t want to ruin their reputation. That’s why customer satisfaction is their utmost priority.

If you need the best electric stapler, I will advise you to look Swingline, EcoElectronix, Bostitch Office, Office Style. Those are reliable brands in this industry.

Look for Power Supply:

Some electric staplers run from the power tools of batteries were some other needs an adapter. You have to decide which type of power supply you need. However, if you pick battery powered option check carefully how much time the battery will work.

In case of the adapter, check whether the electric connection is available nearby or not.

However, at present some of the advanced electric staplers offers both the facility. You can look for those type as well.

Consider Page Capacity:

How many pages do you need to staple normally? That’s another determination before purchasing any best electric stapler. Electric staplers have different types of ability. Some staplers can drive 25 pages together, where some other can drive more than 70 pages.

However, if you need to staple more than 70 pages, don’t worry there are some heavy duty staplers available that can go through 150 sheets at once!

Additional Consideration before purchasing an electric stapler

There is some additional consideration you need to look at the deal. However, you have to look for the noise level, efficiency, length and so on. Let’s see those additional factors at a glance:

Look at The Noise Level:

Look the noise level carefully. The best electric stapler must run quietly. Nobody like those irritating sounds manual staplers made. If you do lots of stapling at a time, those sound will create a headache that’s for sure. So, look for that produce less sound.


Some of the advanced electric staplers offer refill alert. It is not a mandatory feature, but it is pretty useful. You will realize when to change the staples.

So, for more convenience look for one that offers refill alert.

Those are the things you need to consider for a wise deal. However, don’t wrap up! Long way to go yet. We have a collection of some amazing electric staplers.

So let’s check our reviews. I am sure you will get the best electric stapler for your job.

Best Electric Stapler Reviews: How We Make The List

While making a list we were surprised by seeing lots of options on the market. Tons of people are making and selling electric staplers.

Unfortunately, the majority of products are craps. We had to do profound research for over a week.

However, we physically justified the performance of some the products, we talked with some of the manufacturers about their making process, and finally, we read thousands of customer feedback on the internet.

So, this is a complete list. Have a look on the best electric staplers of ours and get the one that meets your need.

EX-25 Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

Best Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

If you need the best rated electric stapler, the EcoElctronix X-25 might be the ideal one for your job purpose. It is heavy duty yet offers quiet operation.

It has the ability to staple up to 25 sheets of 20lb. pages. The power supply system is combined that means you can use it with battery or adopter.

The manufacturer guarantees that the item will never jam. The design of this item is compact and eco-friendly. It is highly portable and impact resistant. The price is also reasonable.

Why Choose EcoElctronix X-25?

  • It offers Jam- Free operation
  • Comes with free AC power adopter
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Extremely portable
  • Impact resistant
  • Capacity to staple over 25 sheets

Bostitch Impulse 25 Electric Stapler

Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

The Bostitch Impulse Electric Stapler is another amazing addition to our best electric stapler article. It is constructed with premium quality materials that ensure its durability.

However, it features impulse drive technology that offers 3X faster-stapling performance in comparison to other products on the market. 

Moreover, it also has no jam technology included. So, the staple will never be stuck in between! It has 25 sheet stapling capacity that is suitable for office and home use. 

Therefore, it also has compartment included for the staple. Overall, quality of this product is amazing for the price. Pick before the stock turns out.

Why Choose Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler?

  • Offers 3x faster-stapling performance with Impulse drive technology
  • The stapler has no jam technology included
  • 25 sheet capacity
  • Portable
  • Has refill alert included
  • Push button included
  • Staple storage compartment
  • Heavy duty

Fully-Automatic Electric Stapler With Precision Stapling Technology And Easy Load Feature

Office Style Fully-Automatic Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

Are you looking for the best electric stapler for office use? You are in the right direction. The Office Style Fully-Automatic Electric Stapler has a compact design yet the construction quality is super sturdy.

You can staple piles of paper within a second.  Therefore, it comes with an attractive appearance that will look cool on the top of your desk. 

It features a unique technology that makes sure the stapling precision. It can staple up to 20 sheets at once. Therefore, it also runs on the battery so you can carry it anywhere you want.  

The functions are super simple that a kid can understand. It is UL approved, so the item is safe as well.

Why Choose Office Style Fully-Automatic Electric Stapler?

  • Offers precision and fast stapling need
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Runs on battery and electricity
  • Extremely portable
  • Suitable for office, schools and home use
  • Heavy duty construction

Swingline Electric Stapler

Swingline Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

True handheld use and portability is the major characteristic of this Swingline Electric Stapler. The design of this electric stapler is compact, and it offers a jam-free operation for a lifetime. It is also famous for its convenience using the system.

Just place the paper in position, and it will start automatic stapling. You can also press the grip for manually work. The power supply is also combined. It can run with battery or electrical connection. Therefore, it can staple 20 sheets at once.

For your office or home use, this should be the ideal option. The price is also quite reasonable.

Why Choose Swingline Electric Stapler?

  • Jam-free stapling operation
  • Suitable for home and office use
  • Made of eco-friendly materials that are sturdy as well
  • Extremely portable
  • Runs with electric connection or battery
  • 20 sheets stapling capacity
  • Compact and ergonomic grip

Bostitch Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack – Double Heavy Duty

Bostitch Office Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

Your repetitive stapling work will be more effective with this Bostitch Office Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler.

It is made to offer beast-like performance with an incredible speed. However, the Bostitch Office Impulse comes with Drive Technology that is the secret behind its speed.

The construction quality of this stapler is also superb with quality materials. It will last so long that’s what I can assure you. Therefore, like the above products it also has no-jam technology included. You will get refill alert that is also another convenient feature.

It is overall one of the finest product that comes in a reasonable price range. Pick before the stock turns out.

Why Choose Bostitch Office Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler?

  • 3 times faster than other electric staplers
  • Impulse technology
  • Comes with No-Jam technology
  • Staples up to 45 sheets at once
  • Ideal for office and home use
  • Features refill alert light indicator
  • Fast reload push-button staple refill system
  • Suction cup mounting system

GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler

Gizmomate GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

The Gizmomate GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler is considered as one of the best heavy-duty electric staplers at present. The construction quality of this stapler is incredible. It will surely last a lifetime if you use it properly.

It comes with patented technology by which you can staple 25 sheets and more at once. 

The most amazing part is that it can staple 5 times faster in comparison to other existing staplers. You don’t have to face those irritating stapler jams anymore as it is a no-jam stapler.

Therefore, it offers quiet operation. The using system is also simple.  You can use it with electric connection or with battery.

So, you can carry it anywhere you want. The design is compact, and the price is also convenient.

Why Choose Gizmomate GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler?

  • Offers 5 times faster and accurate stapling performance
  • Ensure quiet operation with specially designed motor
  • Runs with battery and electricity both
  • 25 sheets capacity
  • No-jam technology included
  • Compact and durable design
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Easy to use

Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover

Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover

More photo & price on

The Jiraph Electric Stapler comes with Stapler Remover. Don’t worry if you staple wrong! It comes to last with quality construction.

However, it is a complete stapling set that comes with a gorgeous gift box.

You can present this one to anyone as a gift. However, it has the capacity to staple 25-sheet at once. 

The manufacturers also said you would never face any kind of jam as it is totally jam free. Therefore, you can use it with battery or from direct electricity.

The stapler is suitable for both office and home use. It is also ideal on the run. With 14-point adjustable depth, you will get perfect stapling experience every single time. The price is not prohibitive as well. So, pick, or the stock will turn out soon.

Why Choose Jiraph Electric Stapler?

  • Manufacturer ensure that the customers will get complete satisfaction
  • Full stapling set that included remover and attractive gift box
  • Jam-Free performance
  • 25 sheet capacity
  • Heavy duty commercial grade construction
  • Runs from the power of electricity or from battery
  • Features 14-Point Adjustable depth
  • Easy to use

25 Sheet Capacity Electric Stapler

SHARPCART Electric Stapler

More photo & price on

For precision stapling the SHARPCART Electric Stapler is the right option. It is a functional machine that will allow you to adjust and lock in the staplers throat depth simply. It comes with 14 precise stapling depths to choose from.

The construction quality of this product is also sturdy. Besides, it will never jam in between your work. Therefore, it met the highest quality standard and made of ABS body materials. It is also praised all over the world for quiet operation.

Therefore, the battery has a long lifespan. You can staple up to 8000 stacks of paper with only a single 6 AA battery.

Therefore, it is four times faster than any other electric staplers in the market. The price is also beyond the reach level of everyone.

Why Choose SHARPCART Electric Stapler?

  • Comes with Jam-Free Patented technology
  • Complete satisfaction is guaranteed from the manufacturers
  • Offers maximum accuracy
  • Comes with 14 precise stapling depth
  • Easy to operate
  • 4 times faster than other staplers
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong ABS body materials for durability


Frequently asked questions Best Electric Staplers

What are The Best Electric Stapler Brands?

There is a lot of brands that offer good electric staplers. To me, Sharpcart, Jiraph, Gizmomate, Bostitch Office, etc. are the best of this time.

They are making and selling amazing quality electric staplers. Besides, they sell their products at an acceptable price range.

Where to Buy Electric Stapler?

If you have enough time, you can purchase it from the local market. In case you don’t have enough time, you can order online.

But be careful with online deals. Sometimes, they send defect products. So before order learn the return or replacement policy carefully.

Why Should I Purchase Electric Stapler?

You can do your stapling task with a manual stapler. But if you often need to staple a bunch of papers, the task will appear pathetic. In this case, an electric stapler will be the right option for you.

Do Electric Staplers Durable?

Depends on the product you are using. If you pick an electric stapler from a well-known brand, it will last a lifetime. But if you pick one randomly, I can’t guarantee you the quality. 


Wrap up

The story of the best electric stapler is ended in here. If you reach this section of the article, I am sure you gathered enough knowledge all ready to make a wise deal.

However, some people offer staplers at a cheap price range. Those products are made of cheap quality materials. So, I suggest you stay away from those craps.

It is possible that you don’t like the list of ours. In that case, just purchase from a source you trust most.

Also, consider the facts we discuss above. That’s all for now. We will meet again soon with lots of other effective product reviews and effective tips. Till then:

Be happy! 

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